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Haith's Baits

Haith's Baits have been around as long as bait making, founded in 1937. Most of the top bait firms use Haith's or have at some point and it's not surprising then that they have now released their own base mixes, which have been developed by long time carp angler and bait guru Ken Townley. Each base mix is now uniquely formulated; Haith's blend genuine, fresh ingredients straight from the production line with high-attract ingredients; such as chilli, high-protein fishmeal, high-quality bird foods, garlic, Haith's CLO (containing genuine cod liver oil), betaine and spices to create their most complex and effective range of base mixes to date. Each base mix includes one of their trademark Robins (Robin RedŽ, Robin GreenŽ, Robin GoldŽ or Robin OrangeŽ) at the optimum level to create maximum attraction. The base mixes are highly digestible, high in energy, nutritionally balanced and compatible with all known additives and attractors. They can be used as both short-term and long-term. When Ken's been involved you can be assured that you will be onto a winner.

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