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Nutrabaits Plum and Caproic now available

Published: Wednesday 08 February, 2012

Well the cats out of the bag now! Nutrabaits have let us have this AWESOME (such a cheesy word) combination to put in any base mix of your choice. If you are thinking of using this, it is our suggestion that you look at Trigga, Trigga Ice or BFM base mixes. In terms of inclusion rates, 4ml Plum Nutrafruit with 1ml Caproic Acid has proven very effective. We have also added the Nutrabaits Plum and Caproic alternative pop ups to the website. Just give us a bell if you want to discuss any bait issues we dont bite. 01709829303
Nutrabaits Plum and Caproic freezer baits
New Nutrabaits Plum and Caproic pop ups

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