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Published: Wednesday 13 February, 2013

I have been fishing a lake in cambridge these past six weeks or so and caught some good fish to 26Lb. Last Sunday / monday night I caught eight fish and had to pack away to go to work. On leaving I could not wait to get back, knowing I was leaving a swim still with showing fish. I decided to do a overnighter after work on Thursday, the lake is about 85 miles away so overnighters are awkward. When I got back the swim I wanted was vacant, and with the rods all marked up from Teusday I was soon back on the spots.
I put about one kg of bait out over the three rods and a brew was on. At 4.30am I had my first fish a common of 26Lb, then at 6.30am I caught another common of 23Lb. After a short while I was stood next to my rods with a brew in hand thinking i better pack up and go to work when my right hand rod was away, after a short fight I put my net under a big fat mirror. I put it on to the scales and it read 40Lb 12oz and a lake best weight. All the fish were caught using Rollin Baits INCEPTION Happy days.
26Lb common
40Lb 12oz

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