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Black Snail

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The amazing new 'blockbuster' from Essential that takes high quality food baits to a whole new level.

The new 'dark secret' from Essential. This is the bait that has secretly been doing the rounds and catching an astonishing amount of carp over the past 12 to 18 months. This bait is totally unique and different to anything else you would have seen with the key ingredient being the aquatic snail meal that sits alongside fishmeals (including salmon meal) and crustacean extracts.

It has the aroma of fresh snail meat with Caviar and is VERY different to anything else available. Further to this, its black colour very much ties in with most of their natural food availability including snails! The dark colour is also very effective when it comes to avoiding the dreaded tufties and coots!

An extremely high quality food bait that will give anyone a massive edge over other boilies being used. Note: The black colour is permanent and will not wash out or fade.

Contains Aquatic Snail meal, Liquid Caviar, Betaine, GLM and Red Salmon Oil.

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