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Blue Oyster

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As with anything that bears the Nutrabaits name, there is no cloak and dagger stuff with regard to the ingredients used in the make up of the Blue Oyster base mix or the exact recipe used in the production of the hand rolled freezer baits.
The Base mix- As is the case with all Nutrabaits mixes - is blended in-house and includes the optimum level of the pungent Blue Oyster powder,a combination of milk and whey proteins, a small amount of high quality fishmeal, an assortment of bird food ingredients, corse seaweed, wheat germ,fine ground maize meal and boosted level of Betaine HCI.
Our hand rolled freezer baits are produced from pure uncut Blue Oyster base mix,
using fresh eggs and the addition of the Blue Oyster UTCS.

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